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« I’m particularly interested in the synergy between pictures and music. If you’ve got the frames, I’ve got the soundtrack. »

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Why hire me?

  • Expertise Expertise As a result of my extensive career in the performing arts, ranging from opera to heavy metal, I have acquired the tools and experience to sonically animate your project.
  • Education Education I hold three different diplomas from internationally renowned music institutions, most recently an audio engineering degree from HOFA-College.
  • Communication Communication I speak English, Swedish and German fluently. But I do pretty well in Turkish, Italian and French too.

Recent testimonial

  • "Johan showed with his music that he not only has a deep understanding of how to make a great adaptive music score, but also that he has mastered the advanced features in ELIAS. The music would be perfect for the given game scenario, and with the tonal stingers and action presets we could really imagine how it would be like to play the game. Well done!"

  • "It was such a pleasure to work with Johan, a talented composer that listens patiently, understands accurately, and works fast."

  • "Johan is an amazingly creative person. It's been a pleasure to work with Sonic Gallery, and it will definitely be a long term relationship since we are keen to have a constant high quality in our productions."

    Daniel Hasselberg