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  • My name is Johan and I am a composer, a life long multi-instrumentalist, and for the last 12 years a professional opera singer. I was born in Västerås, Sweden but am currently based in Berlin.
    I have been composing and arranging for as long as I can remember and my diverse musical skill set allows me to work successfully in most genres. I'm particularly interested in the synergy between pictures and music. If you've got the frames, I've got the soundtrack.
    Welcome to Sonic Gallery!


1981 – 1988

Musicial Training

Between the age of 8 and 15 I received my first musical training. I started singing in a choir, began playing the cello and mandolin. In addition, I started taking private piano lessons from a jazz musician who also taught me music theory and improvisation.


Musicial Training Part II

By the time I turned 15 I had developed an interest in Pop and Rock music. I put the classical instruments aside and picked up the electric guitar and bass. At that time I also started taking voice lessons.



I graduated from Carlforsska performing arts high school with a preprofessional arts degree in voice and guitar.



I enrolled in the Bachelor’s program at the Music Conservatoir in Malmö (Sweden), majoring in vocal performance.

1996 – 2001

Study Part II

I enrolled in the master’s Program at Indiana University School of Music (Bloomington, USA). Later receiving a Performance Diploma in Opera. I also recieved the Max Kade fellowship from the Department of Germanic Studies.


Opera Singer

I moved back to Europe and started my operatic carreer, singing lead roles in Weimar, Vienna, Stuttgart, Paris and Düsseldorf.



I moved to Berlin.

2012 – 2013

Audio Engineering

Audio engineering degree from HOFA-College, Karlsdorf, Germany.